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How to stop a dripping tap in Melbourne Australia

Feb 13

Top Tips for when Your Tap is Dripping

Have a dripping bathroom tap that's driving you insane? Here's a quick guide on how to fix a burst or dripping pipe.


A water pipe bursting can be incredibly damaging to your home - it can create expensive repairs and costly water bills if not dealt with immediately. So, if you find yourself in this type of emergency, what should you do?


1. Find where the drip is coming from

The first step in fixing a water drip is to identify the source of the drip. This can be done by inspecting the pipes and fixtures in your home for signs of water damage. If you see any wet spots or dripping water, you'll need to repair or replace the affected pipes. Once you've fixed the source of the drip, be sure to dry out any wet areas completely to prevent future drips.


2. Shut off your water mains.

It's always a good idea to know where your water main shut-off valve is located. In the event of a plumbing emergency, you'll want to be able to turn off your water mains quickly. So then you can fix the drip without getting soaking wet. 



3. Prevert any damage with towels and buckets 

To prevent any further damage, it is important to use buckets and towels. This will help soak up any excess water and will prevent any more water from coming in.


4. Clear the excess water

Once your water mains have been turned off, you'll need to drain the water from your pipes. This will also release the water pressure that's built up in them. To drain your pipes, just run your hot and cold taps until the water flow stops.


5. Turn of the power

As a safety measure, it is always best to shut off your home's electricity at the main switchboard. If your house experiences severe flooding or water damage, there is a possibility that your electrical wiring or sockets could be impacted. To turn your electricity off at the main switchboard, you will need to find the switchboard's enclosure.

6. Call a plumber

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