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Effective Bird Prevention

Oct 24

Birds are a problem. Each year, millions of dollars in damage is done to homes and businesses by birds. Bird droppings, mite-infested nesting places, and dead birds can cause serious property damage as well as health problems.

Environmental groups and healthcare agencies have acknowledged the health hazards that pest birds pose to humans. Homeowners and businesses who do not have effective bird management solutions in their homes are taking unnecessary risks and possibly costly risks.

To prevent any damage to your home or to remove potential health hazards, you can quickly exterminate, exclude, and deter birds from your property.


Starling, sparrow, and pigeon droppings are high in corrosive, uric acid, which can damage and stain building materials. Bird droppings can quickly accumulate on brick, metal, and stone if they are roosting inside or outside your home. If bird feces are not removed promptly, it can cause irreversible damages that will require costly repairs.

Feathered urbanites are attracted to warm nest sites such as chimneys, attics, and vents. Your home is at risk of bird nests with or not birds in them.


Pest birds can harbor over 40 types of parasites and can host 60 types of infectious disease.

The risk of inhalation increases when you are exposed to nests and bird roosts contaminated with harmful fungal spores. Humans are most susceptible to infection when dry bird feces are airborne through open windows or air vents.

Neben being disease carriers, nuisance birds can be associated with more than 50 species of ectoparasites. These parasites can infest structures and bite people. Two-thirds of these pests could be dangerous to human health and domestic animals. Rest are nuisance pests or incidental.


Exclusion is the best way to manage messy sparrows and starlings. If possible, a barrier that stops birds from nesting and roosting comfortably will be more effective.

Our technicians create and implement tailored bird control solutions to protect homes and properties. Solid Avian Solutions bird specialists often use multiple methods to keep birds out, depending on the specific circumstances.

  • Galvanized Steel Screening used to keep birds out of roof and wall vents. Starlings, sparrows, and other birds can easily get into unprotected vents. Venting structures can be blocked to prevent birds from nesting and allow for air flow. Solid Avian Solutions screening won’t rust or stain.
  • Wildlife exclusion sealant is applied to cracks or crevices to prevent smaller birds entering attics and roofs. Sparrows find ideal nesting spots in large spaces between stone exteriors, and soffit overhangs. Solid Avian Solutions Bird Control worked closely with manufacturers to create a silicone sealant that protects birds from severe weather.
  • Bird Netting: Stops birds from roosting under awnings and other overhangs. In search of shelter, sparrows and starlings will gather under buildings' overhangs. Professionally installed bird netting systems can be used to block access and can fit in any architectural layout. The netting offers discreet protection from droppings and provides long-lasting protection.
  • Bird Spikes- Prevents birds from roosting in ledges. Bird spikes humanely and conspicuously eliminate roosting spots.
  • Bird Wire- A taut wire placed along flat surfaces to prevent birds landing. This product makes flat surfaces unattractive for birds to land on. Discreet design won't compromise architectural aesthetics.


It's not an easy task to reach the top of a home. Even though SAS technicians are skilled in ladder and roof safety for homeowners, there is a high chance of injury to any homeowner trying to gain access to the areas where starlings, sparrows, or pigeons nest. Once the homeowner is at the top of the home, birds can fly to another place to rest. Anyone who attempts to build a nest can get infected by the diseases carried by birds. Psittacosis, salmonellosis, and histoplasmosis are three of the most common diseases infected humans by birds. Birds can carry parasites called birds mites which can bite humans if they are disturbed by the nest.

BIRDS ON OUR PROPERTY Solid Avian Solutions is available for you!

It can be difficult to deal with birds. A professional can safely remove bird droppings from a chimney, attic, storage shed or other area. Solid Avian Solutions recommends you clean up after the birds are gone. Contact us today to learn how we can remove and clean up the mess so that your family, pets, and home are safe.


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