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Things to know before hiring a house cleaner

Oct 8

There are many things to consider before you allow a stranger with a mop and vacuum to enter your home. It is like hiring a babysitter, contractor, or income tax preparer.

Jana S. from south Redmond says, "I was reluctant at first to hire someone as a cleaner." "It was something I took pride in growing up in Wisconsin. My husband and I were overwhelmed when we had our second child.
"So we hired one housekeeper"

There are two main types of housekeepers: those who work for themselves and those who work for companies. You might have to deal with issues such as work eligibility or withholding taxes if you are an independent contractor

You should make sure that your cleaner is insured and bonded. If the cleaner damages your home, bonding will be helpful. An insured worker can protect you against liability for on-the job accidents.

Many people arrange weekly cleaning services visits. If you have children and pets, it might not be necessary to hire a cleaner every other week or monthly. Some people only hire a housekeeper once per year, for example, before the busy holiday season in late November. A common practice is to hire a temporary cleaner before moving.

What can you expect of a housekeeper.

While services are flexible, most housekeepers do not clean exterior windows. Others are more cautious about heights. A Redmond cleaning service can provide services that you might not know about: They'll fold and pick up clothes for teens. They'll usually agree to do wash and dryer cycles, and hand-wash any dishes that are dirty.

Accidents do happen. Bonded services like ours will pay for any normal accident, such as a mop handle hitting something.

These are some helpful tips for hiring a housekeeper.

Questions to ask - Does the housekeeper have references Are they insured and bonded?

Children and pets: Do the cleaners have allergies to pets? The housekeeper and children should agree on the rules of interaction if they will be visiting the house. (Don't ask your housekeeper to be a babysitter. Children shouldn't be running around the house during chores.

Products and equipment: An independent contractor can give you some flexibility in choosing the products that you want to use. Ask about the company's products if the housekeeper is provided by a company. The cleaners of the future are choosing eco-friendly, biodegradable options. The cleaner will often provide stepstools, vacuums, and other equipment.



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