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Pest Control Cedar City | What do you need to know before hiring a pest control company?

Jan 4


Pests can be a frustrating and inconvenient problem for any homeowner. Not only do they damage property and create an unpleasant living environment, but they also spread disease and contaminate food supplies. Fortunately, there are pest control firms that provide successful treatments for this increasing issue.

But hiring a pest control service can be tricky. Not all companies and products are equal, even if they claim to use the same chemicals and provide the same services. One way to ensure you’re getting effective treatment is to ask for proof – don’t just take their word for it!



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Pest control companies are not all the same

Pest control companies are not all the same. Some offer one-time service, others provide you with a contract for monthly visits. There are even some that will come out to help you once and then take care of any future issues at no additional charge. So how do you know which company is right for your home? The answer depends on what kind of pest problem you have and what your budget looks like. If there’s been an infestation in your home, an exterminator may need to be called in more than once to get rid of all the pests and their eggs before they return later on down the line. This can cost quite a bit upfront but could ultimately save money over time if it prevents another invasion from happening. However, if you have a minor problem that only needs to be addressed once, a single service might suffice.

Make sure to ask for references from previous customers

Hiring a pest control company is not the same as hiring an exterminator. A pest control company offers services that are more comprehensive and typically less expensive than what you might expect to pay for extermination. They also provide services that go beyond merely spraying for bugs. They are more interested in the long-term health of your home or business, which means they are best equipped to offer advice on preventative measures you can take around your property to keep pests at bay. Request references from any company you consider hiring, particularly if you plan to use them for extermination. Talk to the former customers and ask about their experience in dealing with the pest control company, in addition to how well it worked out in the end.

Ask questions until you are satisfied with your answers

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A good pest control service will be happy to answer all of your questions, but that doesn’t mean they will never hesitate or hem and haw when answering one of your inquiries. If they stand by their work, there should be no problem when it comes to providing an honest answer because bug infestation is not something anyone wants lingering around their home or business. There may be sensitive information involved so feel free to explain why you need this information before asking so they understand your intentions.

Be sure to request an inspection

Make sure you choose a pest control service that provides complete and thorough inspections before starting any extermination process. The last thing you or anyone else wants is for the problem to get even worse while the process drags on and only makes it more difficult and expensive than it needs to be. Make sure you convey how much time and money this will save them because customers do not want their business going to waste, especially when they are already unhappy with the situation at hand. A good exterminator will understand this concept completely because repeated visits without proper documentation can make them look incompetent in front of their peers who rely upon references from these companies for future jobs. In turn, a company that is not properly doing its job can damage the reputation of a pest control company.

Get a quote before accepting a service plan

Pest Control Cedar City

Pest exterminators usually offer packages that include certain services and prices for each one. Before signing up for any agreement, make sure you receive an itemized list of all the services you will receive as well as how much each particular service costs on its own. You should also ask about any available discounts or “upgrades” they might offer from time to time. Many times, upgrades are simply additional services provided at no extra cost instead of free products, so do not get caught up in the moment when thinking you are getting something for nothing.

Make sure to ask about warranties

Extermination services should only be provided by companies that back up their work with a warranty of some kind, or at least provide customers with detailed instructions on how they can solve the problem themselves. Whether it’s a case where someone dies during extermination or one where bugs return months later after everything seemed to work out fine, any reputable company will offer its customers some form of guarantee or solution to end their problems once and for all. Otherwise, there is little reason why anyone would ever use them again because who could trust them?

Ask if there is anything extra you need to purchase yourself

Many pest control services rely upon products that can only be purchased from them. If this is the case, you should ask if there is a list of all products you need to purchase or if they will bring everything needed with them. Some professionals may even allow customers to purchase their supplies to cut costs.

Take notes of all costs and product names when signing a contract

Before signing any contract, take note of the associated costs. Write down the brand name of the products to be used, as well as their purpose. Knowing what you’ll need for your specific situation will give you peace of mind knowing that professionals are not price gouging or using inferior products. Should anything go wrong in the future with an infestation, there should be no dispute over who is responsible for providing treatment in the future, especially if it means additional charges on your part.

How long will the treatment take to kill fire ants?

Ants can be very annoying if they decide to invade your home so it’s important to figure out how long it would take before these types of insects are completely gone from your property. If they don’t know exactly for sure what type of ant is causing all of this havoc, then find out whether or not they specialize in certain areas like pest control for carpenter ants, termites, and even something like bumblebees.